Changelog 7.4.98

  • Improved filtering logic for and with places
  • UI, sorting and crash fixes
  • New menu to integrate old homescreen categories from before 7.2
  • Homescreen now supports up to three rows of retrievals
  • Re-enabled music import

Changelog 7.2.100

  • Improvement of ToDo
  • Reworking of email attachment handling
  • Added support for chinese and korean languages
  • Re-enabled image attachment import
  • Further UI and stability bugfixes

Changelog 7.0.205

  • Fixed crashes when grouping emails
  • Problem fixed when running in memory constrained environment
  • EMail filterer is used for all unified retrievals on the home screen (for multi account users)
  • Filterer lists all default folders for selection even if they are empty
  • Reworked EMail Draft handling

Changelog 7.0.185

  • Fixed a bug within import scheduler, which led to no import, while phone is asleep in suspend mode (Note for Android 6 users: To enable import while in non-optimzied mode, as for every single app, has to be given dedicated rights, to wake up the phone)
  • Fixed support and feedback system
  • Various fixes regarding crashes in lister and grouping

Changelog 374

  • New notification layout
  • Fix for problems with multiple recipients


Gmail does scan all emails, new Google terms clarify

The Guardian writes:
“Google’s ads use information gleaned from a user’s email combined with data from their Google profile as a whole, including search results, map requests and YouTube views, to display what it considers are relevant ads in the hope that the user is more likely to click on them and generate more advertising revenue for Google.” (Read the full article here.)

Remember, has no server component or cloud service to scan your data , all intelligence is computed on your device and all results stay on your device. For us, privacy is one of the highest goods.
( is certainly not an email service provider like GMail / Google, but an email client, of course)

Easter special: 75% disount on basic version upgrade

75% discount on basic upgrade


Until 30.04.14 basic upgrade will be available for only 1,25 USD. With the basic upgrade you can setup as many IMAP accounts as you want. The upgrade is available via Google Play In-App purchase when you setup your second IMAP account.

Changelog 355 for

Whilst we are working on a bigger update, we integrated some smaller fixes in the newest version of our email client:

  • fixed: add account sometimes returns no result
  • fixed: recipients suggestions in the email composer
  • progress on internal reworkings to make more flexible in the composition is now available as “Portuguese email app”!

After the really nice review by techtudo, we immediately decided to launch our email app in Portuguese. Hope you guys like it! Get more information about the “Portuguese email app” under .

O nosso cliente de e-mail de referência para Android do que recentemente escreveu agora também está disponível em português.

Changelog 334

Change log 334
– fixed: setup for moto x failed (fix also improved problems for dualcore phones)
– fixed: icons for some screen resulutions blurry
– fixed dashboard fonts too big, 4 digit numbers not readable
– fixed: Exchange push not recovered after airplane mode
– fixed: Exchange download dialog not properly displayed
– fixed: Exchange attachment importer not cancelable
– fixed: Exchange security confirmation requested twice
– improved On Device Expertiser (contact profiling)

Exchange/Active Sync Push and IMAP IDLE support for & Change log 334 (18.03.2014):

Push & IDLE
With version 6.4.334 supports Exchange/Active Sync Push Mail and IMAP IDLE. With this technology changes to your mailbox, like new emails, are transfered immediately from your server to your smartphone. Clicking the refresh button, or having the email client repeatedly ask the server for new messages is not necessary anymore.


New lister tiles
We integrated some slight changes to the UI (user interface), for example we worked on the lister-tiles. Beside to better readability, the visibility of read/unread state is improved.



Change log:
– new: Exchange Push
– new: IMAP idle

– fix: mark as read/mark as unread doesn’t change after selecting other listed emails
– fix: multiselect actions disappear into the action menu
– fix: deleted emails do not disappear in mailbeat under some circumstances
– fix: crash for some attachment importers

– improvement: increase visibility of the unread state
– improvement: preview should always start at top after swiping
– improvement: read & store answered / forwarded flags from server (feature’s UI in next release)
– improvement: show a Toast message if an email / a sms has been sent successfully or not

– fix: work around when guessing STARTTLS fails (e.g.
– fix: not possible to send emails via imap
– fix: promoted subfolders aren’t recognized by exchange importer
– fix: STARTTLS fails with SSL error for
– fix: emails not sent
– fix: Exchange: folder not found after renaming
– fix: not possible to connect to server with invalid certificates
– fix: crash Exchange ArrayIndexOutOfBounds during setup/import
– fix: some email accounts import all emails again and again

– fix: sender part in collapsed header preview does not display recipients
– fix: double contacts in composer when accessed by contact preview
– fix: send email to multiple contact out of multiselect action
– fix: copilot always suggests two different ToDos
– fix: invalid string format in SMS Importer
– fix: Huawei devices crash when doing geospatial retrievals
– fix: crash when clustering by time

Does speed and exposure of information bring about saturation to such an extent that it becomes ungrounded?

Here’s our CEO’s answer to this question. Certainly relevant for as a convergence and pre-filtering tool for your daily communications:
Ramin Assadollahi’s answer on Quora.

We very happy about this review from Androsis / Madrid

As you know, we’ve delivered a couple of languages in from the start. Among these is certainly Spanish and we’re happy to see that the Spanish Android community is appreciating this.
Here’s the article:

Mailing lists on steroids: Groups (video)

Mailing lists are a very effective way to work together in an email client. In you can use them when adding recipients to an email and edit recipients from that list as you need them in this particular email.’s Groups go beyond the conventional mailing-list concept:

  • you can not only send to groups but you can also receive and get updates at a glance.
  • imports Android contact groups
  • it also generates Groups from members of companies automatically

Watch this 5min tutorial:

How to customize’s homescreen (video)

One of most exciting features is that you can build your own individual dashboard showing exactly the data that you are interested in. In this video, we show you how to add and remove categories and tiles, rearrange them and use the filter. After this tutorial you can completely individualise to your needs and get exactly the view on your data that you need, for example, your inbox filtered by one special contact or all data from one single person. Here it is: our homescreen customization tutorial.

Change log 211 (24.01.2014):

Change log 211, this release brings a hefty 200 fixes and improvements, here are the highlights:
– Remove, add & restore categories on the dashboard
– Microsoft Exchange support via ActiveSync (Emails)
– Email folders automatically get a tile on homescreen.
– Better quality for related emails (re-import necessary)
– Better speed for large databases (> 20.000 emails offline).
– Better contextual recipient suggestions.
– Import device contact groups
– Import default phone number & email address from phone contacts
– Fix: Email composer will start with the right account when started from homescreen
– Fix: Disappearing network causes notification “authentication required”

Please note: currently only imports the Exchange emails, not the contacts and calendars. You can get contacts and calendars into using the normal Android Exchange sync (as that writes into the device contacts and is reading these). We will soon support full sync including contacts & calendar.

Community Release 181: Exchange support is finally here!

With yesterday’s release 181, we finally support Exchange over ActiveSync!

Please note:

– this is the very first release, so please report any issues, we really need all of your feedback.
– currently only imports the Exchange emails, not the contacts and calendars. You can get contacts and calendars into using the normal Android Exchange sync (as that writes into the device contacts and is reading these).
– Emails which are sent in airplane mode aren’t sent when phone has proper connection afterwards
– Exchange Importer isn’t re-scheduled after manual import has been triggered
– The current releases have a trial period of 56 days, so you can get the money back during the next 8 weeks.

Join the G+ Community to get the latest Beta:

Change Log 172 (08.01.14):

Yesterday’s release 172 finally fixed an issue that bugged many of us: long startup uptime in some cases (for example more than 5000 emails in the datbase with some long emails among them). We also fixed some nasty crashes, please do submit your crash reports, it really helps!

Change log 151 (19.12.2013)

SUBSTANTIAL IMPROVEMENTS today! Your first Christmas goodie.

– support for HTML view! From now on, will show HTML emails
– support for Groups! You can build, name, and use your own lists of people
i.e. your tennis friends or private contacts, etc …
You can use them as recipients like in a mailing list,
but you can also use them on the homescreen for a tile
(the tile will be updated when one of those contacts sends
you a message). A super powerful function!
– Massive performance improvements when deleting emails.
– Speed up first listing of emails (viewing email list right after start)
– Some more crash sources eliminated.

Feature #19 – Notifications

mailbeat_feature_19Sometimes it’s about the small things! gives you a variety of choices when it comes to notifications. Whether it is set to vibrate, play a sound, or light up a particular colour, you can configure Email, SMS, To-Dos and missed calls with separate notifications.

Change log 134

Change log 134:
– Fixed: Email import stops if subfolder is encountered
– Improved: Lister performance when background processing content (performance doubled)
– Fixed: Copilot rendering in background not stopped (another performance improvement)
– Fixed: Contacts not associated with their company during import

– Fixed: Crash on HTC One when notifications are set to “vibrate”

Feature #18: Automatic organization by topic

mailbeat_feature_18As we mentioned further, you can group emails by various criteria i.e. people or time, but you can also group by topics. Unlike other email clients doesn’t use the subject line for this function, it uses the email’s content. Through intelligent linguistic algorithms the app is able to understand the text in your email and extracts the “topic”.

Most users running Android 4.4 Kit Kat.

When analysing the Android versions our users use when working with, we found out that our users are using newer versions than users in the rest of this app segment (communications):

Capture OS distributions 091213


Are our users ahead of the curve? Yes, we certainly think so!

Feature #17: Current Apps displays the most relevant apps on the homescreen based on your patterns of behaviour when using your smartphone. In more simple terms, it recognizes which apps you , use at work, or on the weekend and displays these apps on top.

Feature #16: current information

mailbeat_feature_16It takes into account your patterns of behaviour when using your smartphone based on what you normally do at a given time and where you usually are during a given time. will make appropriate suggestions for contacts when you start to write an email, put together “relevant” emails or contacts in a smart folder.

We’re starting to regain the trust of users

During the first week after the launch in Germany, we had a steep learning curve when it came to the performance, stability, and resource consumption of across different devices, OS versions and email accounts. We had to learn that, while many users were really appreciating the innovation, they were not willing to keep the software on their device in its current shape.


We listened and we reacted. Our full dedication went to supporting people, building up the FAQ around re-occuring topics and listening on twitter and g+. We tried to first address the most commonly reported show stoppers to make as many people comfortable.

We also had to learn that our software needed to communicate more. In the past, it was important to focus on software quality and on interaction design that was intuitive and that hid the complexity of PTPT underneath. But now, we’ve learned that if people don’t see what the software is currently doing, they will think that it’s just hanging and burning battery. In fact, it’s “thinking” in the background but we needed to explain to the user why and when (and certainly reduce the impact of background processing on the user experience and resource consumption). So our UX team is currently working on a couple of topics that will let the software communicate to the user more about its state.

Finally, we are really proud that all of that effort on support, communication, improvements on experience, and a good deal of engineering seems to pay off: people are returning to our app. We will continue to work as hard as possible to let you, our user, experience the innovations behind these initial obstacles.

Change log 6.4.125 (10.12.2013)

Change log 125:
– homescreen email counter “All Emails doesn’t update” fixed
– Inbox now imported before other folders (faster access to Inbox after install)
– Improved recipient suggestions for email composer
– Crash after “select all” fixed
– fixed: IMAP sync fails if during initial import connection is lost
– Attachment importer now shows progress during import
– Attachment downloader says “Download finished” even if not successful
– fixed: have to re-open list after filtering to see results

Feature #15: Personal Assistant creates a personal Tag Cloud for every contact on your smartphone based on the most popular kew words associated with that contact. If you need an answer to a tough question can suggest which contact would most likely be able to give you an expert answer. Stay tuned for our next feature: Current Feature.

Changelog 6.4.121 (9.12.2013)

• ToDo Creator improvements (double entries)
• multiple bugs & stability issues
• multiple bugs & stability issues
• Email import performance

Feature #14: Smart Attachment Suggestions

mailbeat_feature_14The following is an example of how this feature works.
1. You take a short trip to Munich
2. You take some photos
3. One day goes by
4. You open and write the following email: “Here are some pictures that I took yesterday in Munich.”
This is where the magic happens: will display these pictures and offer them as attachment suggestions.

This also works with other file types and contextual situations.

Changelog 6.4.118 (6.12.2013)

• redesigned setup procedure
• reduced battery consumption
• reduced data consumption on email sync
• faster email sync
• increased responsiveness of UI
• multiple bugs & stability issues

Battery drain

You may be concerned about the battery drain after installation of We understand that. But please remember: is getting all your specified data (for example Inbox x 500, Sent x 500, work x 500, private x 500 is 2000 emails in sum) onto your device and not only stores them for offline access but actually understands them. So this “thinking” takes some power (the human brain consumes about 20% of the energy although its weight is just about 1/60th of the whole body).
Read more…

Feature #13: Smart To-Do List

mailbeat_feature_13Imagine receiving an email containing a shopping list and with just one click you are able to generate a To-Do List. does this. It’s just another way of helping you be more productive! Stay tuned for our next feature: Smart Attachment Suggestions. Don’t forget to follow our hashtag, #mailbeatfeature on G+, Facebook, and twitter to stay up-to-date. #email #SmartToDoList #mailbeat #app

Changelog 6.4.104 (4.12.2013)

• related email improvements
• added accept and cancel buttons in some settings
• bugs in attachment download
• some layout problem with bigger fonts
• false delete of email folder
• performance improvements
• multiple small bugs & stability issues

Feature #12: Contextual calendar entries

contextual calendar entries - mailbeat_feature_12Contextual calendar entries is a nice feature that helps you to work more productive, because annoying app switching and coping data is dropped. detects dates and time in your emails, lists them and uses them to generate new calendar entries if you want to.

Changelog 6.4.81 (28.11.2013)

• too long strings in action bar
• imported draft emails
• labeling in ToDo
• call and SMS actions in contact preview
• translation issues
• performance improvements
• multiple bugs & stability issues

Changelog 6.4.74 (27.11.2013)

• Gmail Inbox problem
• email signatures
• added support for Motorola Moto X & Droid MAXX
• performance improvements
• multiple bugs & stability issues

Changelog 6.4.70 (26.11.2013)

• Exchange calendar entries
• Translation enhancements
• Adjustment of first run email import settings
• multiple bugs & stability issues

Feature #11: Related Emails

mailbeat_feature_11Related emails are calculated on their content – sounds obvious, but isn’t. Most email clients just show emails with the same subject or same sender, because they are not able to understand what an email is about. is different at this point, with advanced linguistic algorithms  the content of an email is identified and compared with other emails. shows related emails at the end of every opened email, this allows you to easily gain a better understanding of the current email you are reading.

Feature #10: is an intelligent email app

mailbeat_feature_10There are several features that are based on’s Intelligence. We would like to take this opportunity to give you some insight into a bit of its background using a simple example. Every item that is imported into (email, contact info., picture, sms etc …) is scanned for data. then assigns a topic to each item. Items can then be connected through topics. Here’s a simple example -> You write an email to George: “Hi George, let’s meet next Wednesday”. You also have a calendar entry: “Meeting with George – 11.06.2013”. connects both of these items because of their common topic; a meeting with George. Remember!! does this all on your phone. No data is sent to any server! So that is what we call an intelligent email app.

Feature #9: Content Separation

mailbeat_feature_9Receiving email from one or more accounts can be daunting, especially when going through each email’s content. will help you focus on information that is important. By learning the difference between main content in an email as opposed to “other stuff” (i.e. footers or signatures), separates them and shows you the important content first. You can always access the “other stuff” by clicking on “more”.

Feature #9: content separation

Feature #8: History

mailbeat_feature_8We make accessing a contact’s history, super easy! Every email has a time stamp, you can click on the time stamp to see a list of all emails you received from that contact, including emails that you have sent. You no longer have to type a contact’s name in a search field, just click the time stamp.

Feature #7: Intelligent Search

mailbeat_feature_7Searching through emails or contacts has become a standard feature. We take this a step further! Through the integration of semantic search algorithms, your search results are not only much more precise, they also expand to include things that are closely related by type or similarity (i.e. if you search for “Xbox” your search will also include “PS4” because they are of the same type – gaming consoles. Likewise, if you search for “gaming console” your search will include related content). Intelligent search is not restricted to emails. You can also search through all your conversations or any text on your smartphone.

Feature #6: Filter emails with smart folders

filtering emails with smart folders - mailbeat_feature_6

Filtering emails is a smart way to focus on important stuff and find information faster. In you can easily setup your personal filters with 4 basic dimensions: people, things, places, time. Once you created a filter you can safe it as smart folder on the homescreen for easy access and a faster overview.

Smart folders are customisable views on your data and so they are not restricted to show or filter emails, even different items like SMS, contacts and pictures can be integrated.

Here are some examples what you can filter and store in a smart folder:

All unread emails from different accounts
All emails from “Peter” with the topic “sales conference”
All SMS sent to “Andi”
Pictures taken in “New York”

Smart folders on the homescreen are organised in groups, for example Emails or Contacts. You can also add a new group and move groups so that the homescreen is fully customisable.

Feature #5: Sorting & grouping of emails

sorting and grouping - mailbeat_feature_5There are 4 standard actions you can take when viewing a filter:
i. Grouping (i.e. contact or time)
ii. Sorting (by time, alphabet or frequency, depending on your folder’s content)
iii. Searching (contacts, text, topics…)
iv. Saving as a new folder.


Feature #4: Unified Inbox

unified inbox - feature allows you to integrate your different email accounts. Your inbox can put together all your accounts or just a few of your most important ones in one unified inbox. You’ll be able to get a complete overview with one click.

Feature #3: One Screen for All

one screen for all - mailbe.atThis “”one screen for all”” approach gives you a customizable overview of your emails, sms, phone calls, and so much more. Never miss an important update, ever!

Feature #2: Offline access to emails and functions

Offline access to works without server based calculations, therefore all your processed data is stored on your smartphone. You have offline access to emails, search for any text without internet connection, and even use’s smart technology if you’re not online. Attachments can be downloaded and stored automatically via WLAN or manually, and can be accessed offline.

Feature #1: Privacy feature 1: email privacyPrivacy is a main concern for many when it comes to accessing and sharing data from a smartphone. Unlike many apps, you can trust to ensure your data’s privacy because doesn’t use any cloud technology or server based calculations. Your data remains on your device. You are not dependent on access to a cloud server or even wifi connectivity, hence no privacy issues. We will be presenting one feature at a time in the next two weeks to give you a good idea of what to expect. Simply follow our hashtag, #mailbeatfeature on G+, Facebook, and twitter to stay up-to-date. Stay tuned for our next feature: Offline Access. #privacy #app #mailbeat



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